Suppliers Selection

Successful supplier selection means making good long-term decisions. Our consultants help you make the right choice for your business.

  1. Supplier selection – We can assist your purchasing department with supplier identification and selection.

  2. Supplier bidding/negotiation – We can assist your buyers to secure the lowest purchase price to meet target costing objectives.

  3. Supplier evaluations – We can evaluate prospective suppliers via your criteria.

  4. Supplier quality – We can verify supplier quality data, develop and provide an analysis for you.

  5. Supplier cost reviews – We can collect cost data from all suppliers being considered. We would then verify all cost data provided by the suppler through on-site visits. A complete cost analysis will be provided so that you can verify target cost capability.

  6. Supplier capacity – We can ascertain all competing suppliers ability to perform engineering development, prototype capability, testing/validation capacity and tool building capability.

  7. We would assess all supplier information and will provide to you with a risk analysis for each supplier.

  8. On-going cost control – We can assess a supplier’s capability to undergo continuous cost improvements beyond the first year of production including the supplier’s internal Cost Improvement Program.